Receive sms online 84 ,temp phone number vietnam

When you register social networking accounts such as Facebook,google,Lozi,tinder,paypal… you are always asked to enter your phone number for authentication.
  • Then, these social networks will ask you to enter a number of mobile subscribers. And facebook,google,grap … will send you an SMS containing an activation code.
  • This activation code is called OTP SMS, usually 4-6 characters.

So, in case you use an iPod Touch, you can’t receive SMS? Or what about the Nokia 1202 phone, or Vertu receiving SMS but not the iOS or Android smartphone to run the mobile app?

Currently RENTCODE has launched a new service called ONLINE OTP SMS

This service will help you receive SMS remotely without having a SIM or phone to receive OTP.

All you need to prepare is a mobile application to register an account. will provide you with a mobile subscription number for you to register with any mobile app.

Then, simply enter this OTP code into your mobile application. Thus, the new account registration has been completed.

This service is provided for you, wherever you are in the world. If you need to create an account on a mobile application with a subscription number in Vietnam,RENTCODE.CO will accompany you.

You can experience the service right away at RENTCODE.CO

How to use OTP SMS :


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